This page is dedicated to any member who wants to share pictures and short stories of their hunt. This could be your first deer, turkey, antelope or 30th, let us all celebrate your successes! Email your picture and stories to us or give them to a board member and we will make sure to get them posted. Happy hunting!

Bobbie Zirbel Deer 2018.jpg

2018 -

Bobbie Zirbel

Archery buck shot on October 13th, 2018


2018 - Scott With Horn

October 5th, 2018 a dream came true!
4:00 a.m. we started out reaching our destination not long after. We readied with prayer and headed off into the timber. After multiple encounters, Bulls screaming in our faces all morning, 1 missed shot over the shoulders at a broken up herd Bull. On our way back to the truck we herd a Bull bugle about 60 yards from where we were. My Koda (friend/brother) Aka The Elk Whisperer bugled back and got a reply quickly. I hurried to the edge of the quakes and nocked an arrow. As the Bull skimmed the edge of the timber, working his way into a clearing, I laced his chest +/- 33 yards. He didn't go far! Laying down in sight and the rest is/are wonderful memories! We gave thanks, took a few photos then the real work started. A dream come true meaning in 2016 my first ever archery elk hunt was a success however, with my compound. Most of you know I'm a traditional archery hunter and my new recurve had not been completed. Last year was tough hunting and I returned home with an unfilled tag. This year it happened! Arrowing my first Bull Elk with my Talltine recurve!