2018 Board of Directors

Kurt Smith (President) -                         Phone: 605-380- 1211

Bobby Zirbel (Vice President)             Phone:  605-377-3606

Steve Rudebusch (Secretary)                     Phone: 605-715- 5572

Chad Weber (Treasurer)                           Phone: 605-380- 0578

Aubrey O’Connell (Targets & Publicity) Phone: 605-290-1971

Jim Zirbel (Grounds/Maintenance)         Phone: 605-377- 3271               

Chris Beusch (Concessions)                     Phone: 605-290- 1798

Tom Fritz (Clubhouse and Bathrooms)   Phone: 605-290- 5314 Text only

Jim O’Connell (Tournaments and Trophies) - Phone: 605-290-1972


Whitetail Bowmen Archery Club Constitution

Club Constitution



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